Neils Agather, Jim Jackson, Russ Coonley, Steve Bennett,

Mike Gaston, Tom McCoy, Bruce Stringfellow,

 John and Donna Sweat,Mike Horner

Thomas McCoy, Donald Barton, Jean Paryl,

  Shirley Wood, Dan Bunch,

David Pasahow, Donald Barton,  Tom Travis,

 Ken Linton,Russell Hicks and Jim Goad.



Neils Agather, Dr. Michael Jez,

Kathleen Chitwood, Phil Moroneso, Harolde Savoy,

 Dan Bunch,  Jack Bradshaw,

 Russ Coonley, Bonnie Coonley

 Richard Betham, Robert Martin, Jay Hauteman, George Lodge, W.N.Bentsen, Edward Sharum, Jason Railsback, Ken Norvell, Doris Goad,  Ray Kinney, Tad Foran, Jim Wells, Candis Wells,

 Marty Case, Ed Halter, John Curry, Antique Heritage Tractor Club, Howard Webb, Elaine Webb, Stephan Brown, Richard Warner, Richard Brown, Charles Foran, Arine Knecht, Alfred "Lucky" Louque, Ben Saladino, Randall Davis, Christine Poyer, Diane Darrah, Debbie Chitwood, Ainsley Chitwood, Paul Chitwood, William McGuire,  Hickory House Barbeque, Davis Jewelers, Larry Gollaher, Patricia Harvard,  Curtis Green, Barbara Hair, Aubrey Hair,  Wyley “Coyote” Smith, Coyote Roofing, Ken Taylor, Phil Moroneso, Dan Bunch, Robert Martin, David Pasahow, David Pasahow, Jan Collmer, John Moberly, Steve Bennett, Charles Waldrop, Julian Banks, and Maureen Wood.

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